Hi, guys!  It’s been… well, quite a while!  I’m sorry for having no content for here, but I also haven’t been online all that much…

Either way, I wanted to make a quick post about the Psyguy situation that has been going on for a long while, and I know that quite a few of you are under 18.  Granted, Psy has said he’s staying off the internet, but there are plenty of other people on the internet that are the same as, if not worse than, him.

Now, I did have some interactions with Psy (because he was really big in the MLP and Sonic fandoms, and I thought he was funny).  The first few times were almost-encounters, but nothing ever happened of it.  Then, right when I had turned 18, we started an almost relationship, and I ended it because something about his whole crew just seemed… odd.  Even his reaction was really odd and “woe is me,” but I didn’t think anything of it, and eventually lost interest in him/his circle, and became very close with one of the girls he had done his worst abuse to.  I’ve posted about this on my blog, and tweeted about it, but I guess this is my “official” post with my story (which is absolutely nothing compared to what has happened to some of the other girls and to some of his ex-friends.)

All I want to say is, be careful out there, and it is never too late to speak up, and never too late to get help.  If you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here, and I’ve got a bit too much experience helping people out with abusive situations, self harm situations, and, honestly, a little bit of everything.  Don’t ever be afraid to speak up.  Even if it’s privately, saying something can make a big difference.

I am so incredibly proud of all of the women that have spoken up and have joined together to support each other.  I’m just happy that there’s at least one less predator on the internet, and I hope none of you have to go through what these women have.


this is the best reaction ever

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Hey, I want to do one of those “redraw a screenshot” things, but I’m not sure what to draw.  So, if there’s a Sonic X or SatAM (or maybe Underground) cap you have that you’d like to see me redraw, reblog with it! ^^




nothing is funnier than imagining the most serious character you know falling down a flight of stairs. there is literally nothing more funny. nothing

I know he isn’t serious but I imagined Eggman falling down stairs.

he would bounce back up the damn stairs

Initially thought Shadow, then I read these comments and looked at my icon, and I haven’t stopped giggling.  

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I can’t believe Sonic Retro right now oh my chaos, ahahaaaa…

Headcanons on Sonic?


- He’s trollish towards Eggman certainly but death threats are beyond him. He expresses shock at Blaze threatening to kill Eggman in Rush and labels it as “harsh”

- His tan parts are skin NOT fur.

- He’s actually more skilled at flying the Tornado than what Tails is but prefers the more ‘adventurous’ route by wing walking and using the Tornado’s gun.

- He requires a high calorific intake. If he exerts himself when he hasn’t eaten for a while it can put stress on his body. Because his metabolic rate is so extreme, he is at risk of starvation or simple muscle-wasting if he doesn’t eat properly.

- He also has a very good immune system. He’s never sick for long. And he has remarkably powerful stomach acid as he can eat mouldy food in Unleashed without repercussions. His stomach acid becomes even stronger in Frenzy form which allows him to digest metallic objects with ease.

- His bones are dense. Whilst this makes them more resilient to breaking, it also makes him less buoyant in water and very heavy for his size (Fact - Officially he weighs 35kg at only one meter tall)

- He does have aerokinesis. A lot of his windy abilities are induced by movement but then quite a few are not such as Sonic Wind and the Crest of Wind in the Storybook games. His soul manifests as a gust of visible blue wind outside it’s body.

- His stomach is soft and not guarded by bones. It’s especially weak to blows and a good strike there can wind him or even damage his organs. Wanna hit Sonic where it really hurts? Go for his stomach.

- He is very mildly narcoleptic. It is exacerbated by a lack of sleep as indicated by him often nodding-off in both forms in Sonic Unleashed.

-  On the sleep headcanon tangent…He Is a TERRIBLE snorer. Lying on his back doesn’t help matters. He also mutters in his sleep and sometimes it’s possible to hold a conversation with him even though he isn’t conscious of it.

- If he pinned his quills down with a band, he’d look much like Amy but with much longer quills. He can put them in a ponytail but it’s very difficult to do so and he doesn’t see the point of doing so.

- He lives with Tails in his Mystic Ruins workshop and sleeps there if the weather is iffy or he is sick. He was sleeping there in SatSR’s intro because he was under the weather with that cold of his.

- Otherwise he’s inclined to sleep in the great outdoors. He can easily climb trees and sometimes prefers lying on the branches if the ground is too wet to lie on. If the sun is too strong, he’ll nap under a tree, using the foliage as shade.

- His molecular structure is incredibly unstable and changes when exposed to Hyper Go-On’s/Colour Power from Wisps and Dark Gaia’s essence, resulting in different forms. He actually struggles to control his transformations if the energy is forced into him suddenly i.e How he involuntarily transformed into Cyan Laser in Colours’ first cutscene when the Cyan Wisp entered him without any prior notice.

I don’t understand how so few people know about World War Blue (aka, parody comic based on the Nintendo/Sega console war from Sega’s perspective).  Gear is so precious and the best humanized Sonic.  Ahhhh.

I don’t understand how so few people know about World War Blue (aka, parody comic based on the Nintendo/Sega console war from Sega’s perspective). Gear is so precious and the best humanized Sonic. Ahhhh.

Amazon strikes again with another gem.
Shadow, this is a children’s franchise, put that fur arrow away.

Amazon strikes again with another gem.

Shadow, this is a children’s franchise, put that fur arrow away.

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